desktop pc:

this is basically my daily driver for gaming, photo & video editing and general use.

it's a simple a 3-monitor setup:


  • os: windows 10
  • motherboard: z390 asus rog maximum hero xi
  • cpu: i9 9900k
  • gpu: evga rtx 2080
  • ram: 4 x 8gb hyper fury x
  • storage: too much to list (around 12tb in total maybe)
  • case: fractal design define r6
  • keyboard: pok3r with custom keycaps (using kill la kill font)
  • headphones: steelseries artic 7


old ass 2011 macbook pro. has served me well but it's probably going to be replaced soon, it has so many stickers that i'm probably going to use it as an art piece around the house?


i use a newish macbook pro at work.

code / development:

vs code

mostly vscode and xcode.

  • theme: one dark pro
  • icons: seti-icons
  • color scheme: cobalt2 by wes bos
  • random plugins: spotify, carbon-now (to share code snippets) and settings sync.

shoutout to sublime text 2 which was my main editor when i starded coding.




  • theme: hyper one dark with hyperborder
  • icons: hyper tab icons
  • shell: zsh with a modified traffic theme