hi, thanks for being interested in me.

since you clicked my name, i'll tell you all about me. well not all of it, but some of it.

born in 1991, i lived my whole life in buenos aires, argentina.

in 2016 i moved to texas while working for r/ga, it has been pretty nice so far.

i make web and ios stuff using javascript and swift. i'm a big advocate of web standards and anything that pushes the web platform forward. i believe that the web has the power to be a truly unique platform but is in need of a lot of fixing (particularly around privacy)

amateur photographer, long time gamer and animation junkie.

my favorite place to travel to is japan. i really like the country, the customs and the food.

on my free time i enjoy building out gundam model kits.

i love monospace fonts and this website is proof of that.

finally, here's a photo of me being a dork:

bruno holding some sweet ass sushi